I was on coumadin a few years ago. What are the safest options that I can do now for tummy tuck and inner fat removal?

Hello, I was on coumadin a few years ago and I was Supposed to get a tummy tuck and fat removed from my inner thigh. But then my gyno said I can die or have a stroke. I am so upset. My second question is can I get smart Lipo or something else to remove the fat. He said I should not go under at all. But I hear you can be up for smart Lipo. Does that change anything.

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Being awake for lipo does not make you immune to blood clots

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Coumadin is prescribed to combat a tendency to for blood clots more easily than average. The tendency may be temporary or permanent. Frequently, the recurrence risk cannot be accurately estimated. Surgery increases the risk for forming blood clots above and beyond your natural tendency and this is increased further by general anesthesia. Local anesthesia, while better in this regard, does not reduce the risk to zero and people have experienced blood clot related strokes which have crippled or killed in this scenario. Don't be upset, be thankful that your physician is more concerned with your health than with your pocketbook.

You can definitely do smartlipo without a general anesthesia

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i have done well over 600 Smartlipo cases under local with oral sedation in my office.
it is impossible to tell if you would benefit from Smartlipo without pictures and more details. it is not magic, you have to be a good candidate.
you may be fine to do a TT and go on Lovenox after surgery. you need to see a board certified plastic surgeon and not have that decision made by a non-PS.
good luckdavid berman md

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