Is it possible for silicone gel implants to rupture or leak? (Photo)

I had silicone gel breast implants in 2013. Over the past few weeks, I noticed when my left breast is moved or touched certain ways (when I wear bras, or if I am laying in different positions) there appears to be small lumps under my skin, they always appear in the same general area but always look a little different each time. They are jelly like in consistency and they go away if I massage them. Around the time I started noticing this happening, I also noticed general pain in the breast.

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Breast changes and possible implant rupture

Something is not right here. The usual quoted rate of rupture of current generation implants   is in the range of 0.5% per year, so while yours is low it is still a possibility. I have seen many patients in my 20+ years of practice with ruptured implants in the first few years after augmentation. Your risk of breast pathology such as cancer is age and genetically dependent, and although this is not a typical presentation you need to be seen by a plastic surgeon with experience in breast implant related problems and breast disease. You will possibly be referred for studies such as mammogram, sonogram or MRI to get a better idea of what's going on. 

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Breast bumps

Anytime that you have breast bumps/lumps, this needs an evaluation to rule out a malignancy. Silicone implants can rupture, but when they do, the silicone material typically drains into the capsule first and then the lymphnodes and not out superficially.

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Implants leaking

Thank you for your question. Yes, silicone and saline implants can leak, and the rate is somewhere around 1%  per year. The leak from a silicone implant may be less noticeable, and an MRI will help detect if there is a leak. It is best to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can examine you and help you proceed.

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Breast Implant Rupture

With the newer gel implants, breast implant rupture can still happen but the presentation is very subtle.  What you are describing does not appear to be gel rupture but can not say for certain without an MRI.  You may be feeling the shell through thin skin.  A physical exam would help determine.I would recommend you follow up with your previous plastic surgeon or find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to evaluate. Good  luck.

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