I was wondering if I'm a candidate for a Lip Lift? (photo)

A few months back, I had juvederm put into my lips but it created a bit of the protruding upper lip. It was since then that I've been considering having a lip lift done to shorten the space between my upper lip and nose, which I feel to be too big in space. Thoughts?

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A subnasal lip lift is a very good option in appropriatety selected patients.


Thank you for your informed question.  When considering lip enhancement, many patients assume that dermal fillers are the answer to enlarge or enhance their thin or unsatisfactory appearing lips.  There is significantly more information marketed to the public regarding dermal fillers compared to surgical lip augmentation procedures.  In addition, there are a plethora of dermal filler injectors providing facial volume enhancing procedures compared to the relatively few surgeons qualified to perform lip augmentation surgery.  While it is true that fillers have many advantages such as minimal downtime, wide availability and minimal invasiveness, there are also disadvantages and shortcomings to using dermal fillers as the sole treatment modality in every patient.  The reality is that lip augmentation surgical procedures can provide an unparalleled result when compared to dermal fillers alone.  Lip augmentation surgery, such as the subnasal lip lift, will not only be "permanent" and improve the appearance of the upper lip but also may create a more aesthetically pleasing and balanced appearance to the lower third of the face.  The subnasal lip lift is an excellent option for lip augmentation in well-selected and informed individuals.  The advantages not only include a fuller or larger appearing upper lip, but also the ability to shorten an overly long upper lip (the distance from the bottom of the nose to the border of the upper lip), the possibility of creating more dental show both at rest and when smiling.  One critical factor to consider before deciding to undergo this procedure is to determine if your upper lip has sufficient length to achieve your expected goal without creating a subsequent aesthetically displeasing short upper lip.  Your surgeon should guide you through the process of deciding if lip augmentation surgery is appropriate for you by informing you of the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure and by taking appropriate measurements to help determine how the final outcome should appear.  The normal distance between the subnasal point, where the columella of the nose meets the upper lip, and the border of the upper lip is 1.1 cm (2.54cm in 1 inch).  By taking into consideration other factors, if the upper lip is already short (1cm or less) great caution must be taken in choosing to make the upper lip even shorter.  Finally, when done well, in a well-selected patient, the subnasal lip lift looks perfectly natural and is an excellent option to deliver lip augmentation unlike any dermal filler injection even in the best of hands. 

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Candidate for a Lip Lift?

Thank you for your question and for the photo. I agree with my colleague in saying that it is very difficult to advice you adequately on the basis of just 1 photo. You however have an excellent shape of upper and lower lip with a good proportion. It seems that the length of the philtrum is slightly long - which might suggest that a lip lift might be beneficial. My advice would be to see 1 or 2 experienced plastic surgeons in your area and I am confident they will be able to guide you.

All the best

Andrea Marando

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon - Manchester - UK

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Lip Lift??

Cannot determine from submitted photo alone.  Need to see relationship between upper teeth and lips, simulate the result on you to know what lip lift will do, and confirm with you that's what you want.

CAUTION: Proceed with care.  You don't want an intervention to in any way detract from the unique, delicate, and wonderful beauty nature has blessed you with.  Understand potential disadvantages of lip lift before deciding.

Steve Laverson, MD
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