Second Rhino to Remove Scar Tissue and Drooping Tip, Now Have Indentation?

I had a second rhino in 08 to remove scar tissue on the bridge of my nose that grew back after the first rhino in 2000, as well as to fix the drooping tip of my nose that had started to happen when I smiled. The doctor fixed the second issue by cutting the muscle under my nose so it wouldnt pull the tip down. Now when I smile, the muscle that was cut has started to develop a large indentation, such that it is extremely noticeable! I wish the doctor had told me this would happen! What can I do??

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Indentation at Base of Nose

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The indentation can be corrected by placing fillers, soft tissue, or a piece of cartilage in the depression. I could be more specific if I saw pictures of the contour problem. This can be done with a minor procedure under local anesthesia.

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