Hump Removal During Nasal Fracture Ste Back and Nasal Deviation Correction?

Hello Docs!! I had an accident about 8 months ago where i broke my nose. i am noticing issues with my breathing, especially when i work out. the bridge of my nose deviates to the left and i have a deviated septum. I'm going in for surgery in a month to correct both. I've never really been happy with the hump on my nose. The office i went to is charging me full price for a rhinoplasty to fix the hump. Does that sound right? are there surgeons who may do all 3 procedures for one price?

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Rhinoplasty after trauma

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A rhinoplasty to improve the nasal appearance and correct septal deviation certainly can be done in one procedure. As for the price, you should talk to your surgeon.

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Straightening a crooked nose after a fracture is much simpler than a full rhinoplasty

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To perform a closed reduction after a nasal fracture, the bones are basically pushed back into place if withing two weeks of trauma. After that, the bones can be re-broken and set. The first is about 10 minutes and the second not much more. Septoplasty as well is usually cover-able by insurance. Once you start talking about hump removal, often the nasal tip needs to match. If you want to do "everything" find the best nose surgeon you can. You have one nose and should get it done right the first time.

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