Hump After Rhinoplasty?

Four months ago, I had a septoplasty and rhinoplasty to reduce a very large hump. Once the cast was off, there was a slight hump that was barely noticeable, though it was just swelling. One to two months after the surgery, the hump was gone. Recently, three to four months past the surgery, I have noticed a hump on the bridge; more noticeable than ever after the surgery. It feels hard, though when applying pressure the bridge becomes flat again. Is this mere swelling or growth of tissue?

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New bump

After 4 months of recovery most of the swelling should be gone. If it flattens out when you push, then it is likely to be residual edema. Talk to your surgeon and have them evaluate this area, they should be able to give you treatment options and recommendations. 

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Hump after rhinoplasty

It takes a long time for the excess skin over your previous bump to settle down.  You would want to follow with your surgeon for one year after the rhinoplasty.  You have a 10% or greater chance of having some sort of residual bump in the end. The fact that you can press down on the skin and flatten the bump out is a positive sign.

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Tip drop 4 months after rhinoplasty can make hump reappear.

Thank you for your question. Please see your surgeon for examination. In my experience the most common cause of a nasal hump re-appearing after 4 months post rhinoplasty is that the tip of the nose has dropped below the level of the nasal profile making the hump area the high point of the nose.

It sounds like swelling.

Hello notyou8527,

Thanks for your question.  From the description you give, it sounds like you may have some swelling left in that part of your nose.  A short course of night-time taping or even steroids (oral vs. injected) can often help that out.  You could be developing some soft tissue ingrowth (scar) also, so the above mentioned methods will help with that also.  The fact is that your nose has several more months to go before it is completely healed and basic issues in your day to day existence can affect how your nose feels almost on a daily basis.  I would keep your eye to the horizon and have faith in the fact that it will probably resolve in your favor in time.

Good luck,

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Hump After Rhinoplasty?

The swelling can be prominent at this early stage.  I would follow with your surgeon.   This may take the full year or more to resolve.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Kenneth Hughes, MD
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Swelling can mimic a reduced dorsal hump after rhinoplasty.

What you describe certainly sounds like swelling. There might be some benefit in taping the nose so as to generate some pressure at nighttime. Bring this up with your plastic surgeon.

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