Will I need a lift when I replace my breast implants? (photo)

I have had these implants for 15 years, 440 year drop textured mentor implants, saline. They ripple and don't feel "real" Is it possible to just go bigger and have volume in the lower breast lift the nipples? Thank you

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Implant exchange

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It is best for you to schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area for an evaluation and discussion of your desired look.  There are new implants available on the market with a more realistic feel that may help you avoid the lift, but that will based on your surgical goals.  If your main desire is to have the nipple position higher, you may need a lift in order to achieve that.

Less rippling

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Thank you for your question.  If you're happy with your  current nipple position and position of your implant, a lift is not necessary. I would recommend an Allergan Inspira implant to decrease the amount of rippling.  if you are unhappy  with the nipple position after your implant exchange  you may consider a circumareolar breast lift.  This will keep the scarring just around your Areolar. The new Implants would give you slightly more fullness in the upper pole of the breasts as well. 

Johnny Shea-Yuan Chung, MD, FACS
Allentown Plastic Surgeon

Implant revision

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Hello, if you are going bigger in size, then it is often okay to go without the lift. However, if you want them really high and round, a lift might be necessary. 

Best next step is to consult with a plastic surgeon as a physical exam is the best way to decide what you need.

All the best,

Dr. Blagg

Austin, TX

Lift and new implants

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Thank you for your question,  looking at your pictures I get the sense that you would probably benefit from a lift, but the only way to really know is to be examined.  It sounds like you are unhappy with the feel of your current saline implants, and as there are many more choices available today than when you had your original surgery, that aspect of your operation will also need to be reviewed with you.  I suggest that you see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is experienced in breast surgery, particularly in performing augmentation and lifts, so that you can make the decision that is best for you.

Isaac Starker, MD
Morristown Plastic Surgeon
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It looks like you have a bit of lower pole sagging. You are best to be evaluated in person to determine what would be appropriate.

Will I need a lift when I replace my breast implants?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.  In your case, it is  difficult to give you good advice based on the photographs posted;  these photographs are taken from different distances and angles making accurate evaluation challenging.

 Having said that, overall I think that your breasts sit in a good position on your chest wall;  it is likely that maneuvers such as capsulorraphy (adjustment of the breast implant capsules) and careful selection of appropriate breast implant size/profile will achieve an outcome that you will be pleased with.

 Ultimately, careful selection of plastic surgeon and careful communication of goals will be key.  In my practice, this is often best done with the help of goal photographs and computer imaging. Nothing will replace this in person evaluation/discussion when it comes to formulating a plan to achieve an outcome that you will be pleased with.

 Best wishes.

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