Nasal valve has recollapsed for a second time: Is there still a possibility it can be fixed?

Had nasal valve surgery in 2010 , but valve was not fixed . Had valve surgery in 2012 and it was fixed. However, I think due possibly to a freak accident where nose was hit , it has re-collapsed. Almost certain as I'm feeling totally blocked again and having drainage and fatique just like before when it was collapsed. Is this still fixable? Spreader grafts were used before.

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Collapse of internal nasal valve

Your problem likely can be improved.  You may required lower lateral crus strut grafts and alar rim grafts.  Often a turbinate reduction helps with breathing issues too.

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Nasal valve collapse

in general nasal valve collapse is treated with alar batten grafts for external valve or alar collapse and spreader grafts are used for internal valve collapse.  Revision is always possible but may not deliver long-term results.  Some surgeon's will actually use very small coated titanium implants to deal with nasal valve stenosis and collapse.  I personally do not use these but only because I don't have much experience with them.

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Reasonable to try again.

It's quite possible that you fractured the nose and it did re-collapse.  I would return to the surgeon who successfully did the 2012 surgery to have it evaluated.

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