Do you think I will be needing a revision soon? (Photo)

I am 5 days post op and so far not happy. My scar is low but goes back kinda far. Both sides are not even and my belly button seems low. I also had fat transfer to my hips but they look to big. Will my hips get smaller too?? Should I expect my belly to tighten over time? I can still grab a handful. :-(

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Early post op abdominoplasty

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5 days is a very short time after a major procedure to be considering a revision.  You have considerable swelling at this time and you are going to see major changes over the next few weeks to a few months.  Follow closely with your surgeon and be patient.  Things look fine to me so far.  

Concerns about your results...

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are always best managed with conversations with your surgeon, asking the 'why' questions.  Once you are healed (suggested 6 months), if problems persist, discuss what you don't like with your surgeon and find out what options you will have to correct them.  Really can't comment about the scar and level of belly button without an examination and knowing what you looked like before your procedure. 

Do you think I will be needing a revision soon?

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ONLY after 6 months than you could consider a revision if needed BUT only 5 days.... Best to continue the healing phase... 

Five days after surgery is to early to evaluate your result!

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Scar position should be discussed in your preop appointment.  It is unclear to me what procedures you had.  Also a before photo is very useful to understand where you started.

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