Huge Pain on Left Upper and Lower Jaw?

on both upper and lower jaws since April 2012. It has gotten to the point that it does not allow me to concentrate on my work. On April 2012, i fell left jaw bottom first onto a wooden table. Since, then the pain has been non stop. The oral maxiofacial surgeon said he is sure i have tmj. I then went to a orthodontist, who specializes on tmj. He told to get invislign & tmj treatment. Supposedly the invislign has tmj treatment, and I have been using invislign since august and i still have pain.

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Pain in Left Up & Lower Jaw. Invisalign & TMJ

If you truly are suffering from TMJ symptoms due to your fall, I do NOT believe that Invisalign is the treatment of choice. Your teeth were in the same mal-occlusion prior to yopur fall, and you had no symptoms. If your symptoms began right after your fall, then merely moving your teeth around might OR MIGHT NOT relieve your symptoms. The orthodontist is just "hoping for the best". He has no way to predict if you will be helped. Neuromuscular Dentistry philosophy, on the other hand, will try to resolve your TMJ pain FIRST, and then move your teeth into that PROVEN position AFTER. Do a google search on Neurtomuscular Dentyistry for more information, or give me a call at 212-477-1647. I'm local!

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