I have a huge mass under my armpits since before 2010 lipoma is what my doctor says what should I do? (photo)

They're Very uncomfortable, and embarrassing which holds me back in life alot

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Accessory breast

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Most large masses in the arm pit are accessory breast tissue. If this bothers you then it can be surgically removed with excision of excess skin. The tissue should be sent for pathology.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Mass under armpit

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It's difficult to say for sure that this is a lipoma, and it could represent extra breast tissue growing in that region. Either way, this tissue can be surgically excised, and the incision will most likely be able to be placed along the natural skin creases in the armpit, which often will limit the chances of having an unsightly scar..

Jeffrey Ridha, MD
Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgeon
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