Huge Difference in my Hips After Smart Lipo Done Yesterday, WIll It Stay This Way?

yesterday a doctor practiced a smart lipo on me. Today i have a huge difference in my hips. They do not look alike at all. Is this going to change after a few days, or is it like they did not a good job?

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Asymmetry after Liposuction?

Thank you for the question.

Some asymmetry is to be expected at this stage in your recovery. A “huge difference” is not normal;  he should be evaluated by your surgeon.

Best wishes.

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Smartlipo and result

It is difficult to say without an evaluation, but there certainly  can be a difference from swelling as well as the underlying bony and muscular anatomy.   It will take weeks maybe months for the swelling from surgery to subside. If things are really different (i.e concern for hematoma,e tc..) you should speak to your surgeon. 

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