I've Got a Huge Diastema/gap and I Want It Closed.Thing is I'm Going to College in 2014(Fall)? (photo)

I've had a huge gap in my two front teeth for as long as I can remember but I'm tired of it.Now that I'll be going to college soon,there is no way I'm going looking like this.Its really embarrassing:(.Several people have asked me if I lost a tooth and it just shatters my confidence so I never smile with my teeth.I was wondering if I started wearing braces in June would the gap close before I go to college(Fall 2014)?

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No gap in college

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Hi kendra,

yes, you should be able to finish Ortho TX in 16 months or so... it looks like you have a tongue thrust so that habit will have to be corrected with your TX. Also you will probably need a combination of Braces and veneers ( or any restorations) for your front 2 teeth. they seem too narrow to me and braces alone may not be able to close all the gap

good luck and get started Right away!


San Diego Orthodontist

Closing the gap

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Orthodontic treatment will be your best bet to move the teeth and the roots in the right position. You will need orthodontic treatment for the lower teeth also, so the bite will fit together properly after the treatment. You should see a significant decrease in the amount of space in a year's time, though full alignment may take a bit longer. I don't see a quick surgical alternative. If you are considering Invisalign seek out a provider with substantial experience in this treatment modality.

Rob van den Berg, DDS, MS
San Ramon Orthodontist

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