Could it be a tumor or Lipoma? (photos)

I noticed a few years ago I had a gumball sized lump on my right rib cage. After a year it grew about to the size of a golf ball and a year and a half later it's about the size of a baseball. It can be painful at times where my ribs will ache. It feels soft by my skin then by my bone it feels like a bunch of hard lumps are mashed together. I'm just wondering if it seems more like a tumor or Lipoma?

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Could it be a tumor or Lipoma?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  Based on your narrative and location of the mass this seems most consistent with a lipoma but should be evaluated by a surgical specialist with an in-person examination for a presumptive diagnosis and discussion of treatment options.  Hope that this helps.

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Thoracic Mass

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Lipomas typically feel soft to touch. They are usually soft and shaped like a dome. Most lipomas don’t cause any pain or other symptoms. Removing the lipoma is recommend if it is large or growing and if symptoms are being caused, such as pain. It would be best to have a physician physically examine this lump and provide recommendations. A true diagnosis of lipoma is only made by a pathologist after the mass has been removed. Radiographic imaging can aid with diagnosis, surgical planning and determination of extent of invasion into surrounding tissue may be recommend prior to surgery. Consult with a plastic surgeon who can minimize the size and extend of the incision. Best of luck!

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