I Had a Tummy Tuck 2 Weeks Ago and my Stomach is Very Lumpy and Has Dents and Dimples All over It is This Normal?

I had a tummy tuck 2weeks ago and my stomach is very lumpy and it has dents and dimples every where. The ps says it will go away. But my stomach is no where near flat or smooth. He didn't use any drains either. My left side has a big bulge and the right side has small ones . Is this normal?

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Trust your doctor

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Dents, dimples and lumps might be apparent the 1st month due to the technique used such as inside sutures, liposuction e.t.c but sometimes can be due to other causes such as liquid accumulation. Only your Doctor can differentiate what is what as he knows what he did. Anyways 2 weeks is really to early to judge and I would recommend to see your doctor and follow his instructions. I hope this was helpful....

Irregularities after an abdominoplasty

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There are many different techniques used when performing an abdominoplasty.  It is probable that your surgeon used progressive tension sutures and chose not to place a drain.  Personally I use a drain even with the progressive tension sutures.  These sutures can cause some dimpling that will go away.  The bulge may be a sermoa that needs to be drained. Time to see your surgeon for an examination. 

Lumpiness of the abdominal wall after abdominoplasty is self-limited.

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When drains are not used often times the surgeon will use a quilting technique to secure the abdominal drape to the abdominal wall. This can lead to temporary depressions and elevations which will resolve with time.

Dimpled TT?

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I would f/u with your PS and discuss your cocerns with him, you are early in the recovery process and usually all the small lumps and bumps will clear up during your healing process....good luck in your recovery....

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