I feel that my upper teeth are very arched when I'm looking for a lot wider of a smile. Would Invisalign help? (Photo)

I'm 28 years old and have always hated my smile. I didn't know if Invisalign would help or what other options I have?? Because of my arch, I feel that it makes my front teeth look big, which they are but I'm sure the arch doesn't help! Thank you for your time and advice!! I took several pictures, sorry if they are weird, I was trying to show all sides!

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Wider smile

Hi, thank you for posting so many and good quality photos. It makes our job easy to advice. Yes a wider arch will definitely help you with a wider smile and lees of dark areas on side smile. Invisalign can help you with that. I believe once the arch is wide and more in shape, the front teeth won't look as big. But that needs to be evaluated later on. Hope it helps.

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Invisalign will work great.

Hi. I have treated many many patients with your condition successfully and made them happy. You have a narrow upper arch in the premolar and first molar area. I've used Invisalign to expand the arch in these areas, and I'm certain that this would work well for you. You have darkened buccal corridors which would become widened and filled by broadening the arch with expansion. This will help balance the arch and make your front teeth less prominent as they would blend in with the other teeth that would become visible after expansion. 
Good luck with your therapy.

Douglas Jopling,  DDS
Dallas,  Texas area

Wider fuller smile!

First of all you have lovely teeth to work with! Invisalign has come a long way and could certainly help you achieve that fuller smile you are after. 

Judging from your photos your upper premolars (teeth behind your canines) are positioned in such a way that you have dark buccal corridors when you smile. I have treated similar cases to yours where significant expansion was achieved using invisalign. The bone is gradually remodeled to accommodate the new teeth positions as they are pushed outwards to fill these 'voids'.

After invisalign has run its course and if you are still unsatisfied, posterior (back teeth) veeners could be an option. These porcelain shells will sit over certain teeth and offer an even fuller smile. More teeth = happier patient!

Good luck!

Luke Cronin, BDSc
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Wide Smile

 Good job with the pictures. They are very informative! Your front teeth do standout, while your side and back teeth appear to be hidden.  To widen your smile, the side and back teeth need to come out more towards your lips-this you know. To do that, you can move the teeth orthodontically out toward your cheeks, and Invisalign would accomplish this.
Your other option, would be to have porcelain veneers placed on your teeth such that they would draw your teeth outward and fill in the space behind your front teeth.
That would allow you to smile wide!

Charles Briscoe, DDS
La Jolla Dentist

Realistic Expectatations

I always like my patients to have very realistic expectations of what they are going to acheive with their orthodontic treatment.  "Underpromise and overdeliver".  Based on your excellent photos I do bevieve your upper teeth are all a bit tipped inward (towards the tongue).  Invisalign will do an excellent job of tipping them out a bit.  You said that you are looking for "a lot wider".  Realistically your bicuspids (the widest point in your arch) will likely only be expanded about 4mm at the most.  This will help and decrease the dark corridors in the corners of your smile but I am not sore its going to give you the Whitney Houston- wall to wall teeth across your smile that you may be looking for.  Hope that helps.  Just dont want to see someone start treatment and be disappointed with outcome.

Greg Guymon, DDS
Meridian Orthodontist

Narrow dental arch

Great question and great photos---the dark areas are called among dentists a deficiency in vestibular reveal. You have two options to widen your smile- Move the teeth orthodontically or widen the teeth with composite or porcelain. Either will fill out these dark corridors and balance your smile dynamics. Best of luck to you.


From the photos provided and making some assumptions from the unknown, it appears to me that Invisalign would give you some favorable correction to help your smile.  Your upper canines and posterior teeth (teeth behind the canines) are palatally positioned and can be expanded to show more in your smile.  In their current position, they are somewhat hidden and make your front teeth a bit more prominent.  I also notice that your lower teeth could be aligned better which would allow for your upper front teeth to be positioned a little further back.

As far as your upper front teeth looking big, I believe that they only appear this way due to your lateral teeth showing more tissue around the cervical area.  If the excess tissue in these areas were reshaped (crown lengthening), the lateral teeth would appear bigger and not make the front teeth as prominent.

Joel Klasfeld, DDS
New York Dentist
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