5 fluorouracil for lumpiness under the neck (Photo)

Had deep plane facelift 3 months ago still lumpy and tight under neck What do you think of 5 flourouracil injections for lumpiness

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Injections for contour irregularities

5-FU works very well, that being said, sometimes something a little softer and longer acting like kenalog (a steroid) in low doses can help break up the scar tissue without creating any further irregularities.  Also massage along the area works to help create mature, healed tissue. Whenever massaging any area post operative, remember to lubricate the skin with vitamin E or a moisturizer such as not to cause any traction injury to the skin.  Best of luck.

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Deep Plan Facelift

The 5-FU can help with the lumpiness if the lumpiness is due to scar. If that does not work, I would suggest steroid injections with a medication called Kenolog.  That can sometimes work better than 5-FU. 

Hope this helps.  Dr. Sajan

Javad Sajan, MD
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