How Should I Look for the Right Smart Lipo Providers?

I am absolutely daunted by the task of trying to find a surgeon for SmartLipo (or traditional Liposuction). Anyone have any suggestionson how to go about looking? Dermatologists, surgeons, does it make a difference? Would love any advice I can get.

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Look for experience, certification, and education

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I understand that you are overwhelmed with the task of finding a plastic surgeon. My patients usually find me through either:

1) word of mouth and referrals from former patients; or

2) searching the Internet for a reputable plastic surgeon certified by the "American Board of Plastic Surgery".

I'd suggest doing thorough research and making consultation with several different surgeons. Many practices offer complimentary consultations or will apply the consultation fee to the cost of your surgery. Think of your consultation as an "interview"--you're interviewing the doctor! Don't be afraid to ask any questions--you want to ultimately choose a surgeon who makes you feel comfortable. Education and experience are incredibly important. Take your time and choose the right surgeon for you.

Englewood Plastic Surgeon

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