How Old Do I Have to Be to Receive Blepharoplasty?

I'm 13 years old, & i have asymmetric eyes. I really want blepharoplasty surgery. I am really upset i have asymmetry. I had blepharoplasty surgery when i was younger when i was first born. & they really didn't fix my eyes. My real question is that would my surgery be a cosmetic surgery or medical. & Also would i be able to get surgery at the age i am at right now? Please help.

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Congenital ptosis possible revision surgery

It is likely that if you had surgery on your eyelids as a infant then it was or congential ptosis.  If it was only partially corrected then you may be candidate for another corrective surgery.  It is time for your to be checked by a plastic or occuloplastic surgeon for this problem and determine if surgery is your best option at this time. 

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At age 13, I would be careful and get several opinions occulopastic and plastic surgeons

If you have a serious problem at age thirteen, it is likely something can be done to fix it.  Get several opinions for Occuloplastic and Plastic surgeons until you and your parents feel good about the plan.

Mark Taylor, MD
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Uneven Eyes and Blepharoplasty

Although you can see differences between the eyelids at an early age, it really is best to wait until your face has stopped growing before considering surgery. At 13, your facial skeleton still has a lot of development and that can change the features of your eyes. However, since you had surgery when younger, it is possible that you could have an incompletely corrected congenital problem, such as congenital eyelid ptosis. An evaluation with a surgeon with eyelid expertise may give you more information.

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Generally, patients wait until they are eighteen years of age in order to obtain their full growth and development as they further hone their decision making skills.

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Everyone has facial asymmetry. If you look carefully in the pictures of models in a magazine, you will notice that they also have facial asymmetry. Usually, you notice one eyebrow lower than the other. It is not much, but a few mm. Surgery is not always the answer. Self confidence is the best medicine. Good luck

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Asymmetric Eyes

There are many reasons for eye and eyelid asymmetry. Some may be soft tissue only [droopy eyelids, abnormal eyelid creases/folds] and some of them may be due to the underlying bone [eye socket] asymmetry.

Without seeing your photos, or even more importantly examing you, it will be difficult for us to give you an accurate answer.

At 13 years of age, your eye socket and eyelid structures have more thank likely reached their mature anatomy, and most surgeons would agree that age is not an issue at this point. In fact we advocate reconstructive surgery in some cases much earlier.

Depending on your exact problem, your problem may or may not be considered cosmetic.

Please post a photo. Or better yet consult an ASOPRS trained Oculoplastics surgeon. You can find one close to you at ASOPRS dot org. A pediatric ophthalmologist or craniofacial plastic surgeon may also be helpful. They are usually based at Children's Hospitals throughout the country.

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