How Often Do Smart Lipo Side Effects Occur?

My friend got regular Liposuction done a year ago and her tummy ended up terribly bumpy, hard and uneven. Then, she went for smart lipo six months ago and her tummy got better but it still has bumps and hardness. I want to have the procedure done but I am scared of ending up with the same results! What could have caused this, and how often does it happen? I am looking for arms, back, thighs, and tummy, and I want to lose from 15-20 lbs.

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Remember that liposuction is not for weight loss

Properly applied, liposuction is used to contour high points or areas of excess fat in an otherwise healthy patient who has done all they can with proper diet and exercise. It is not designed to lose weight and certainly not in the 15-20 pound range.

Lumps and bumps can occur after any kind of liposuction and Smart lipo doesn't protect you from this.

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Choose a Skilled Surgeon

Complications are possible, but rare, with any type of liposuction. Contour irregularities can occur for a variety of reasons, and these complications have happened to the patients of any surgeon who has ever done liposuction, including myself. The good news, is that the odds of having a contour irregularity are lower with good technique and good tools. I believe that results are enhanced and complications are reduced with a good intraoperative technique in handling the tissues, the use of a laser, and post-operative care including type and duration of compression and adjunctive therapies which could include ultrasound, radiofrequency, laser, and suction/massage.   What matters most is the experience and skill of the surgeon performing the operation. The best thing you can do to avoid lumps, hardness, and uneven results is to get a good operation for an experienced surgeon and follow a good post-op recovery plan. Look around until you find a surgeon who is equal parts qualified, attentive, and trustworthy.

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Any poorly done lipo smart or not can cause irregularities

Having extensive experience with both smart and not smart lipo irregularities from any lipo is much more due to the surgical technique and skills of the particular surgeon as it mostly pertains to how they are dealing with the skin from underneath. Any time ther is disrespect to the under part of the skin called the dermis it will respond and contract irregularly causing an indentation or bump. Despite all the marketing hoopla smart lipo is not going to prevent this and I would even go so far to say that in my mostly revision lipo practice, the number one cause for poor results that I see from other surgeons is from smart lipo that was poorly done. Choose and trust the surgeon, not the machine!

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It all depends on the skill of the surgeon as to your final results

It may seem that any surgeon will do the same job with a laser procedure, but that couldn't be further from the truth.  Liposuction requires quite a bit of skill and finesse, so it is important to go to someone who really knows what they are doing.  Good luck with your procedure and check out your surgeon carefully in advance!

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Smart Lipo Side Effects

The best way to counteract any adverse results is to go to a surgeon who is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery. There's no way of telling what happened to your friend without examination but if you are a good candidate then you shouldn't have any major problems having the surgery.

As for the weight you want to lose. This is not a weight loss procedure, so no surgeon can guarantee you losing weight. They should be able to remove a certain amount of CC's in each area. The procedure is meant to contour the body, and obviously fat will be removed, but you should talk with your surgeon about the results to expect in each area.

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