How Much Hair Can Be Removed Using Laser Hair Removal?

How far back does the laser remove hair in the bikini area?

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Brazilian Bikini Laser Hair Removal

A full Brazilian laser hair removal procedure can remove as much hair as one wishes, with some people opting for no pubic hair whatsoever. These procedures are our fastest growing because many men and women love the idea of not having to worry about bikini bumps and ingrown hairs.
Generally laser hair removal of the bikini area takes less than 30 minutes, depending on what exactly will be done. Variations of the Brazilian laser hair removal treatment are:
1) outside of the swimsuit
2) outside the suit plus the peri-anal area
3) Everything but a small strip of hair
3) Finally, both men and women regularly request complete removal of hair

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All of the hair!

you can remove all the hair you want, provided the hair is not white or very blond. as you know many women are doing the brazilian look which means all of the pubic hair. The hair can be removed as far back as the hand piece can reach and if necessary you can turn over so that other areas can be reached.

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David E. Berman, MD
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Laser Hair Removal on Bikini

The bikini hair can be removed as far back as possible while the patient is lying on his or her back. We can treat further back in the area, but the patient would have to flip over on to his or her stomach. In which case we would call that a new area, and charge additionally for treating the buttocks as well.

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Hair Laser Removal

Keep in mind that Laser Hair removal is a Permanent reduction, and also results will vary from client to client. About 30%  will be completely gone. The other 70% the laser will destroy the cells around the Follicle causing the hair to grow back fine and thinner. Initially you will require at least 6 consistent treatments within a 4 to 8 week time frame over a 6 month period. After which in order for continued success you will need to continue treatment.  Some clients may want to continue with more treatments on a monthly basis after their initial 6 depending on the results they received versus the results they expect.



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Percentage of hair removed using Laser Hair Removal

Generally you should expect between 75% - 95% after 6-8 treatments depending on your skin type, hair color, laser used and experience of the practitioner. If the % is lower, it is generally because the hairs that remain are finer or contain less color. Near 100% hair removal (for dark hair) may be achieved but additional treatments are usually required.

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Laser Hair Removal is extremely successful

Laser hair removal is extremely successful with a high safety profile if performed under medical supervision. Regardless of location, the determinants of success in laser hair removal depends on the type of laser used, the intensity of the laser beam, the recipient skin color, and most importantly, the density and color of the hair follicles.

Laser hair removal can be successfully used to remove all hair in the bikini area, including hair on the labia and clitoral hood. The density and color of hair will determine whether the laser is effective in these regions.

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As much as you want.

Laser hair removal can remove all unwanted hair anywhere on the body.  However, the hair has to be darker then your skin tone.  Since not all hair is in the active growth phase at one moment, sometimes more then one treatment to a given area is needed to get total hair removal.

Kari L. Colen, MD
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Any dark hair can be treated with laser

Laser hair removal can be used to permanently reduce hair growth in any area. It only works on dark hair, and is best for lighter skin tones. The laser targets pigment, which is why it is better for darker hair/lighter skin. If you are treating an area where the skin is darker, or more pigmented, the results are not quite as good and the risk of discoloration or scarring is higher.

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Bikini laser hair removal

Laser Hair removal can be safely done to the bikini area. However being that the skin pigment is darker it may take several treatments to obtain optimal results.

Sofia Rubbani, MD
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