How Much Does Smoothbeam Laser Treatment Cost?

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The cost for smooth beam laser treatment

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The cost for smooth beam laser treatment varies from 200-400+ in our offices. The variation will depend on the area treated and for what purpose. We mostly use smooth beam as a lower cost alternative treatment for acne scarring, enlarged pores , or sebaceous hyperplasia .

Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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$200 for Entire Face

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The cost of treatment will vary depending on what city you are in.  In our office, we have been doing Smoothbeam treatments for about 8 years.  We charge $200 for the entire face, two passes with the laser over the areas.  We occasionally have specials that will reduce that cost.

Lisa Benest, MD
Burbank Dermatologist

Smoothbeam cost

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Depending on the area treated and the reason for treatment, the range of cost for smoothbeam in my clinic is $175 - $350 per treatment.

Elizabeth F. Rostan, MD
Charlotte Dermatologist

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