How Much Does a Phenol Peel Cost?

my facial lines are severe and the doctor sees signs of precancer. She recommends a phenol peel. I am worried about the pain, but also about the cost of the peel (was chicken to ask her how much a phenol chemical peel costs). Can you give me an average price for the phenol peel please?

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Cost of a phenol peel

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The cost of chemical peels depends on the location and depth of the peel. Phenol should not be used all over the face because too much of it can cause cardiac problems. Therefore, phenol is most commonly used as a deep peel agent for around the eyes. If this is the one are that is being treated, it can be done in the office under local anesthetic. The price can vary but is usually between $800-$2000.

Annapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon

Phenol peel costs

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Cost of a phenol peel correlates with depth of the peel but in our area is around 3000 dollars.

The peel can be performed to the full face, which I usually recommend so that the treatment line of demarcation can be placed along the jawline. Spot treatment leads to isolated red areas that take a few weeks to go away and can be difficult to conceal.

I know of no other modality of facial resurfacing that can deliver the results achieved with a phenol peel. I have never seen cardiac toxicity with this peel and I think this is a scare tactic used by doctors who do not know how to perform them and have expensive laser payments to make.

Sam M. Sukkar, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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phenol peels vary in price depending on the area treated as well as the depth treated.

cost may vary between $1000-$6000.


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Carlos Cordoba, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

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Cost of a phenol peel

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A phenol peel should cost about $3500 to $5000.  A perioral peel should cost about $2500.

Gary H. Manchester, MD (retired)
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Cost of a Phenol Peel

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The phenol peel is an excellent skin resurfacing agent and when deployed by an experienced Plastic Surgeon trained in burn care concepts, it can be highly effective. If you have 10 to 40 years of sun damage with deep wrinkles, this is a good peel to have. The more pronounced the effect to treat severe aging, the more the downtime and financial obligation. If one is concerned over the discomfort, peeling process, and redness that can persist for a while, then try the peel in selected units such as the lips and around the eyes. It can be diluted and done in a way to heal in 3-4 days with no prolonged redness, for a few hundred dollars in small areas, or be applied after careful discusson in a single session for a compelling effect, at a greater cost. It is most effective for removing pigmented superficial birthmarks, skin stains, and wrinkles of any depth.

The patient must decide what is most important: (1) tolerating the procedure, (2) getting the best results, (3) low cost,, or (4) whether having the procedure must be totally kept from view by others. This Practice has performed under 5700 peels over 26 years. The phenol and croton oil system when concientiously prepared and applied to the properly informed patient, will yield superior results for the majority of patients. Patients of color may also receive benefit when the skin is conditioned, and maintenance measures are instituted when having phenol or other peels.

Fee range is $650 to $4500.

Donn Hickman, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Cost depends on the complexity and depth of the peel

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Cost for a phenol-based chemical peel can range between $1500-$7000. The price is highly variable and is dependent on the depth/strength of peeling solutions used. Price is also determined by geographical location as well. 

Brian Harmych, MD
Cleveland Facial Plastic Surgeon
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