How Much Does Isolagen Cost?

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Isolagen has not yet been approved for use in the United States. Perhaps, one of our European colleagues will be able to answer this question.

Last Thursday, ( May 7 ,2009), the FDA announced that they had completed its initial review of Isolagen's Licencse Application related to its Nasolabial fold study. They sent the application on for a full review. This is only a preliminary review. The FDA has set a target date of January 4, 2010 for completion of its review.

Thus, Isolagen will not be approved until the beginning of next year.

My feeling is that this will be an expensive product. It is quite labor intensive as each persons fibroblasts are harvested and grown individually. There is also the additional expense of the biopsy and of course, the injections. Hopefully, the rsults will be natural and long-lasting.


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