How Much Do Regular Metal Braces Cost?

What is the typical price range for the everyday average case of adolescent orthodontics?

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What do braces cost?

The cost for orthodonitc treatment can vary widely depending on how complex the treatment is and how long it will take - and there are also some regional differences.  Most orthodontists have a number of payment options including a discount it the entire fee is paid in advance. It is also common to arrange a monthly payment schedule that spreads the fee payment over the duration of the treatment. In our practice we work closely with each familiy that we serve to be certain orthodontic treatment costs fit their budget. Providing your child with a beautiful, healthy smile may be one of the best investments you will make in his/her future. Don't hesitate to ask your orthodonitst about a payment method that will work for your family.

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Fees will vary from area to area state to state

Fees will vary depending on where you live and on the complexity of the case. The average case fee for an adolescent for 18 to 24 month treatment will range from approximately $4500-$5500 in my area. Most orthodontists will also give a 5-7% discount if the fee is paid in full. The fee can usually be incorporated into a payment plan spread out over the course of treatment.

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Cost of Braces

In our office an "average' case is in the $5500 to $5800 range.   This INCLUDES all the normal pre teratment photographs, x-rays, and models of the teeth, all x-rays during treatment, all photographs, x-rays, and models after treatment.  It also includes the retainers after tretment and we usually monitor the teeth after the braces are off for one to two years at no extra charge to besure the stay in position as well as possible. Before you start treatment be sure to be very clear on what is included so you aren't suprised by other charges during and after tretment.  Some advertise lower prices but then make lots of extra charges for some of the things mentioned above.  For problems that are not "average" it might be less if they are easier and more if they are more difficult.

There are payment plans available at no interest.

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