How Much Do Collagen Injections Cost?

i just had this collagen filler on my depressed acne scars like 2days ago...i ended up paying 5000 dollars on it.. do these treatments really cost this much??? i cant trust this me...

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Cost of collagen injections

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There are various treatments for acne scarring, and they depend on many things, including: your skin type and color, are the scars raised or depressions, ice-pick or rolled scars, location of the face, etc. What's most important with any treatment is safety and results, though cost is obviously important as well. Certain scars can be filled with filler, while others benefit from subcision, or chemical peels, or laser resurfacing. Make sure a dermatologist does the assessment of your scar-type to determine your best treatment. Generally speaking, long-lasting fillers such as Artesense are a nice and cost-effective option for acne scars.

Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

Collagen injection cost

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Cost would depend on the type of collagen administered. At the present time physicians have the liberty to charge whatever they want. However, if you were actually charged $5000 I fear someone was taking advantage of you.

Our fees for Cosmoderm are $300 for a 1 cc vial and $400 for a 1 cc vial of Evolence, the newer porcine based collagen. It should be noted that Johnson & Johnson is no longer marketing or manufacturing Evolence. They are still honoring the $50 rebate (so the cost in our office is $350).

Although my prices tend to be on the low side, I am pretty sure virtually all my colleagues on this site would find $5000 excessive. If you required that many cc's of collagen ($5000 worth!) to correct your scarring, another modality such as Fraxel should have been employed.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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