How Long Should I Wait to Correct Bad Juvederm Results?

I have new bags under both eyes after getting Juvederm 14 days ago. I want to know if these would go away soon on their own or if there is something I should do to have them removed like having the hyaluronidase put in. I just didn't know if I am reacting too early.

How long should I wait before seeking correction of bad Juvederm results?

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Find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Comfortable using Hyaluronidase

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It is possible that the juvederm was injected into the pre-septal space - enhancing the bags under your eyes.  I would recommend a dilute injection of hyaluronidase into the bags if you don't see improvement by 3 weeks.

Wait,massage and maybe hyaluronidase

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Few options might help:

1-Massage: 14 days could be a little late to mold the injected filler but it is worth trying.

2-Hyaluronidase: Injection of the enzyme could resolve part of the filler. This has to be done very carefully.

3-Wait: Some swelling could still be there. The filler will also go away by itself after months.

A thorough evaluation from your board certified plastic surgeon will help a lot.

I hope that helps.

Correcting Juvederm results

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Juvederm is an excellent hyaluronic acid based injectable that can be used effectively for facial contouring.

Juvederm is commonly used around the lips, the smile lines, the marionette lines, under deep wrinkles, under deep scars, and even under the area of the eye.
Out of all the areas that Juvederm can be used the area under the eye is the most difficult. This is because this area has a great deal of blood vessels that can lead to bruising and the scan is also quite thin. If you have swelling or bruising under the eyes after an injection of Juvederm, musical compresses to this area to help resolve the injection or bruise. Wait at least for six months to see your final result. If at that time you are unsatisfied work with a board-certified plastic surgeon was great deal of experience with facial rejuvenation and dermal fillers. They may recommend different treatments such as the addition of more filler to even out the result or the removal of some of the filler through a tiny incision or by the injection of an enzyme that will help break up.

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How long should I wait to correct Juvederm results?

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It is kind of hard to tell based on photograph and the fact that you are wearing eyeglasses. There is some puffiness along your eyes but that is not a spot where most injectors place Juvederm. Persistent puffiness, particularly around they eyes is not uncommon with novice injectors of NASHA products. The eyes must be injected in the appropriate anatomic layer to provide rejuvenation rather than frustration. The most common application for Juvederm is along the tear trough area.

Other periorbital applications for Juvederm include for significant discrepancy between eye and cheek interface issues where it can improve this transition. Your puffiness is well above the infraorbital rim and is not a place I would have placed Juvederm. I would stress that using Juvederm around the eye is an advanced application and I would not recommend an inexperienced injector or someone unfamiliar with facial anatomy to work around this area.

Anil R. Shah, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Swollen eyes after juvederm

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I would give it a few weeks for the swelling to come down before I would consider any treatment.  Using Hyaluronidase to dissolve the Juvederm may create additional swelling. 

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