How Long Until I See Smartlipo Thigh Results?

I had smartlipo in my outer - inner thighs about a month ago and I have not seen any results as yet. I'm a petite person 110lbs, 5'4" I work out 5 days a week and eat healthy but i have always had problems with that area. How long after the procedure until I see results?

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Results after liposuction

One of the disadvantages of the Smart Lipo is the tiny size of the laser, and the relatively small amounts of fat that are often removed, especially if the melted fat is not removed after the surgery.

You may want to ask your surgeon how many cc's were removed from each area. Sometimes in very subtle procedures where minimal fat is removed, differences can take months to observe. Also, reviewing before-after pictures of your surgery may reveal small areas of benefit.

While the final result usually occurs at 6 months, patients usually see some results after one month.

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Smartlipo and results

At about  a month out you still may have residual swelling, but it realy depends upon how much tissue was removed from the liposuction. This is the case with any type of liposuction procedure that you have done.   If you are not happy with how it looks now, go over it with your doctor.

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You should see an immediate result

Unless you only needed an extremely minimalistic procedure, you should see some positive changes in the first 2 weeks after surgery and these should subtly improve and tighten over the next 4-6 months as long as you continue with proper diet and exercise.

Not to be seeing anything at one month should tip you off to re-visit your Plastic Surgeon (hopefully you went to a Board Certified plastic surgeon, but many Smartlipo doctors are not...) and check some preop and current postop photos. Maybe you'll notice some changes then.

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Discuss with your Plastic Surgeon

You should start seeing results by now. I think it is appropriate to discuss this issue with your board certified plastic surgeon. He will be able to show you pre and post operative pictures. In general 4 weeks is a little early to look for the final result but you should see and feel a difference.

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You should see some results by now


Smartlipo works in two ways. The laser melts the fat and then liposuction is performed to remove the melted fat. The newest Smartlipo machine, Smartlipo MPX has two lasers. One which is more specific for melting fat and one which is more specific for tightening skin. The skin tightening may take several months to see the final results since it is dependent on the stimulation of collagen and collagen remodeling. The fat removal should be see as the swelling goes down over a few days to a few weeks, but will continue to improve over several months. I hope this is helpful.

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