How Long is the Downtime for Lifestyle Lift?

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Why would you want a Life style lift???

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There are so very many unhappy patients who have had this heavily marketed mini facelift done by a non-plastic surgeon, that it absolutely amazes me that anybody would still be thinking about having one done on themselves. PLEASE read the bad reviews and realize that a properly done facelift by a facelift expert plastic surgeon has a greater than 90% satisfaction and is the only smart choice for your face. It's the only one you've got!!

Fore some, it is never ending

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As of today, June 11, 2009, 64% of patients on this website have given lifestyle lift a negative review. The reason: they often feel the results, the recovery, and the overall treatment they received from this company were not consistent with the marketing and sales pitch they received prior to surgery.

I encourage the readers to read an excellent article published in the New York Times June 3rd on branded facelifts:

Look, lifestyle lift is a marketing company and they are very, very good at it. This is the major reason that people even give them consideration after so much bad press, so many lawsuits, so many settlements, and so many unhappy patients. I have personally seen lifestyle lift patients and was amazed at the poor quality of the scars and the inadequacy of the results. Why? Lifestyle lift procedures are generally performed quickly. Why? Time is money. The more time in the the O.R. means more time and personnell costs, more sutures used, etc. Can a quickly performed procedure lead to a good result? It is possible, but the chance of sloppiness in the result is much higher, and the postings on this website bear that out. I concur with Dr. Rand: "Why would any body still be thinking about having one done themselves?" The reason: the marketing. As humans, we instinctively want to believe a good story...... and a good story it is. However, with the exception of bed-time stories, stories have to be backed up by facts.

The facts are as follows:

1) Nothing revolutionary: Lifestyle ift varies from surgeon to surgeon, but is generally some form of facelift.

2) Recovery time cannot be guranteed: Even after injectables, some people bruise. Since lifestyle lift is a variation of a facelift, recovery will be similar to facelift for a large segment of the population.

3) Longevity: Many lifetsyle lifts are SMAS plication procedures. Plications, in my experience, do not hold up as long as SMAS mobilization procedures. Many surgeons concur with this opinion.

4) Anesthesia is safe: Contrary to lifestyle lift marketing, anesthesia is safe in a properly selected individual. Complications can and do occur with any form of procedure or anesthetic technique. Local anesthesia without sedation is no exception to this rule.

5) The nature of a facelift practice: The traditional model of a successful facelift surgeon is one who has a great local or regional reputation, spent time in and who has had a great deal of successful outcomes in a community. Many lifestyle lift surgeons were/ are fresh out of fellowship, residency, were not particluarly successful in developing a facial cosmetic practice, did not perform many facelifts prior to joining lifestyle lift, or some combination of the above factors. So let's ask the question: Does it make sense for a surgeon with a successful practice in facelift to join lifestyle lift? The reader should draw their own conclusions. Does it make sense that a marketing company will do a better job than a surgeon with a great local reputation?

So again, what is the downtime for a lifestyle lift? I would say one week and up.......

Depends on the surgeon and the technique. What is the lifestyle lift? Do you know? I don't

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I am always confused by some of these questions because we tend to provide our patients with these answers.

Are you just beginning the investigation into this process?

My concern with the lifestyle lift is that is is performed by different surgeons in different locations with different techniques. It is not a defined procedure that is published.

Your best bet is to ask the surgeon who is performing the procedure these quesiotns. If they won't let you speak directly to the surgeon, I would advise caution prior to proceeding. You have a right to meet and know the surgeon performing the operation. Only he/she is best equipped to tell you about the recovery process of his/her procedure.

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Check the comment from other patient

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Please take your time and ask other patients about the down time,after care and the results. Lifestyle lift is pushed as a simple ,no down time and cheap procedure. If you look at the before and after picture from the lifestyle lift site you will see happy patient . All post op patients have make up and smile while pre-op picture are no make-up .

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