How Long After Fraxel Re:pair Before I Can Have a Brow Lift?

I'm having Fraxel Repair done next week. I'm pretty certain I will still need a brow lift. How long should I wait?

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2-3 months

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The usual combination is surgery followed by resurfacing if both are planned. In any case I would wait 2-3 months between procedures. You want to give the tissues the time to heal.

Fraxel and a browlift

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Let the Fraxel repair heal and then procedd with the browlift. In general I prefer to do the reverse. Surgery and then laser. I usually wait at least 6-8 weeks before performing lasers on skin that I have previously operated on. The reverse laser first than surgery should probably be similar or a bit longer (3 mos).

Discuss this with your plastic surgeon

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I would discuss this with your surgeon, as opinions would vary.

In my opionion, this is could be performed within weeks if all proceeds well, but there are multiple techniques available and your surgeon may prefer to perform the procedure at a later date.


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