Radiage Vs Thermage and Other Laser Skin Tightening Treatments?

i need facial skin tightening and saw that i have some nonsurgery options...is radiage similar or difft from thermage, titan, and other treatments?

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Radiage vs. Titan or Thermage

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Radiage is a novel treatment. There is little information on it in the US since it is still not FDA approved. It has been around in Europe and there is growing experience with it in several European countries.

Having said that, there is no study out there that has compared these treatments. The results from all such treatments are very subtle. They allow us to treat the subset of patients who do not want any/much discomfort and are accepting of subtle results.

Lasers like the Fraxel non-ablative laser do provide a much more significant improvement in skin coloration, tone, texture, scarring, and also help tighten skin. It would be my first line of choice (outside of a surgical procedure).

Next in line are treatments like Thermage, Radiage, and Titan. Thermage and Titan have been around longer than Radiage and there is more information available regarding them. Thermage and Radiage are both radiofrequency based devices, while Titan is an intense pulse light device. None of them are lasers.

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