How Do Lipodissolve Injections Work?

Will lipodisolve with fat loss from the banana roll and bra line?

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How Lipodissolve works

Lipodissolve contains an agent called phosphatidylcholine (mouthful) which essentially breaks down the the fat cell. The cell wall is disrupted and the cell dies releasing it's contents. Some of the contents are absorbed while others are This cause inflammation which attracts other white cells which eat and eliminate the dead fat cell fragments. If too much fat cells die in one area cysts and scar tissue may form. If the agent is injected too close to the surface it can cause damage to the skin.

Proper injection technique requires multiple sessions with multiple (hundreds) of injections to attempt a precise and controlled delivery of the product.

By the way, another product called Lipostabil, containing the same active ingredient, was banned in Brazil.

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