How Do I Know That I Need Braces?

I have an over bite and gap but I dont believe they are terribly bad or need braces but I want to be sure and I cant ask a dentist because I dont have a dentist appointment for a while. Can you help me?

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How to Know If you Need Braces

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The stimulus to seek orthodontic treatment can come from you or your dentist. Your dentist may recommend braces if he notices conditions in your mouth that are unhealthy. These conditions may include not being able to clean the teeth due to their alignment, abnormal or excessive wear, or inappropriate function. You also may have other dental problems that he could better correct if your teeth were straighter. On the other hand, you may be the one who feels you that you need treatment. Do you like the way your smile looks? Do your teeth come together correctly? Are your teeth easy to keep clean? Are some showing signs of excessive wear? If you are wondering if you need braces, the easiest thing to do is consult with an orthodontist and let him explain what you have going on in your mouth. Mort orthodontists offer complimentary screenings. Good luck!

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In general, if teeth aren't in the location you want them in, you move them there. Moving teeth is called orthodontics. The tools used are traditionally braces, but Invisalign is an alternative.

So if you have a gap, it can be closed by braces. Minor gaps can also be closed restoratively, meaning crowns or veneers.

Overbites are normal. Excessive ones can have issues, but yours might be normal.

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