How Deep Do Traditional CO2 Lasers Go?

I know that the newer Fractional CO2 lasers can go up to 1.6mm deep, but how does that compare to the older CO2 fully ablative lasers? Also do the Fractional co2 lasers truly ablate 1.6mm layers of skin or is that measuring the heat as well? Thank you.

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Deep FX can go as deep as 10 - 15 mm.

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A better question is not how deep the lasers penetrate, but what you are trying to achieve with your treatment. It is extremely unlikely that you or your surgeon are planning to ablate (remove) the top 1.6 mm of the skin.

Deep FX CO2 laser has microscopic dots that can penetrate really deep, but preserve the top layer of the skin, and presumably this is what causes new collagen formation and remodeling. Talk to your doctor about your concerns and specifically how he or she will be addressing them in your treatment.

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