How Common Are Bumps Around the Mouth Area with Juvederm?

I had Juvederm injections for smile lines and a bit of volume loss around the corners of my mouth on July 1, 2008. To be honest, I don't see the improvement that so many talk about. Maybe it will take more time, but I'm actually less confident about my mouth area than before due to lumps and lines that weren't there before. As I gently feel around both sides of my mouth, there's more than one lump on either side and they are visible. I am very embarrassed to go out in public thinking everyone is staring at my bumps wondering what they are. My doctor told me not to touch them for 48 hours and that will be up this afternoon. I'll be calling her, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and had a good outcome. I could use some encouraging words right now.

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Juvederm bumps

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While the bumps can be rectified with gentle massage, your injector may be concerned about improper massage.  If the bumps are present after a week, it would be best to go back to the injector for a recheck.

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Juvederm - lumps

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Lumps that form from Juvederm occasionally occur. If it's been within 48 hours, there may be some swelling that will resolve over the next few days.   If you are at all dissatisfied with your results or have any questions, you should go back to your doctor and talk to them.  

Dr. Cat Begovic M.D.

Juvederm bumps around mouth

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This is a difficult scenario because whenever an injector gives the patient the green light to massage, this may create an entirely different problem with prolonged or exacerbated swelling and migration of the product to another area. Lumps that are visible require more attention after a treatment than those that are felt. It's always best to have the injector assess the area to decide.

Being that cosmetic dermal fillers are one of the few cosmetic treatments that offer an immediate outcome (as well as continued improvement over a 2 week period) it's very disappointing to invest time and money into a treatment that leaves you short of your goal. Being that it sounds as if the lumps of product did not resolve, ask your practitioner about resolving this with hyaluronidase.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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Lumps from juvederm

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 Funny, I usually tell my patient that if they feel lumps early after injection that they can massage them out a bit to flatten them and even out the area.  This can be done over the first few days, but after that time the product will more than likely not be able to be molded.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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