How Can I Tell if I Have a Cyst?

I Have a small bump on the middle of my nose, which I have had for years now. It was quite big but it is getting smaller and I know it isn't something to do with my bone structor in my nose. I think it's a small cyst and would really appreciate some advise. What can I do to make it go away?

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Skin cysts

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Based on your description, you may have a "sebaceous cyst". These cysts usually show up as a small lump under the skin. They can sometimes get infected resulting in swolling and pain. Occasionally they may produce some drainage. If this occurs, you should be treated with antibiotics until the pain, swelling, and/or drainage stops.

If it is, in fact, a sebaceous cyst, it usually has to be removed by a qualified plastic surgeon. This is the only way to permanently eliminate it.

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