What Laser Treatment Works Best for Skin Repair?

For laser resurfacing treatment which one would do the best skin repair?

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There are many resurfacing options. Peels can be light...

There are many resurfacing options.

  • Peels can be light and lunchtime to gradually exfoliate the skin to improve acne, discoloration and early signs of aging.
  • Microdermabrasion and SilkPeel exfoliate using a machine and so there is no delayed desquamation of dead skin cells. A true quick fix with no downtime. These are not for more severe scars or damage.
  • For that, true dermabrasion, or laser treatment is necessary. The exciting news of late is the improvement in laser resurfacing with two newer technologies:
    • "Fractional" resurfacing, which has 1-3 days of swelling because only small spots of the skin are removed by the ablating laser. Five sessions are needed for most patients.
    • Pearl, which has a different wavelength with full ablation but significantly less pain, no swelling, and much shorter healing time than older ablating lasers. Two to three sessions are usually necessary.

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Skin Repair Technique

The answer is based on the degree of damage which needs to be repaired.

  • microlaser peel for light to moderate damage
  • BBL/IPL for pigmented lesions and broken blood vessels
  • deeper ablative resurfacing with or without concomitant profractional resurfacing for more extensive skin damage.

Each of these treatment options will have a different "downtime" associated with them based on the depth of treatment and expected results.  

I would recommend seeing a board certified facial plastic surgeon to discuss which of these options would work best in your individual case.

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Deepest penetration yields best results- Fractional C02 laser

The  C02 laser is considered the gold standard for skin resurfacing. Fractionalizing it allows the combination of rapid return from "social downtime"  -  2-4 days of redness; with the deep penetration and  resurfacing we are seeking.

Before lasers were combined with computer software,to fractionalize them, the treatments were essentially "all or none" with big results and big downtime, or little results and littie downtime. Modern lasers can increase the benefits while keeping the downtime to a minimum. 

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Skin Repair Laser

While there are multiple lasers that are used to repair skin, the most effective wavelength is the carbon dioxide.  Short answer--Aging and sun damage produce a decrease in healthy collagen and disorganized elastin fibers which results in wrinkles.  Over twenty years of experience with the CO2 laser has enabled experienced physicians to repair the skin to natural healthy appearances.  Now with the fractional use of this wavelength the safety and downtime of treatment have been greatly enhanced.  The experience of the doctor is more important than the specific brand of laser.  Visit ASLMS.org , American Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery web site for more educational information and to find an laser surgeon.

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