3 Weeks Post-Op Rhino & Chin Lipo, Work with Toddlers, How can I Work Without Enduring Injury?

I had rhinoplasty and chin lipo three weeks ago and have been hit severely- once on the chin and today elbowed hard on my nose by my toddler patients? How can I protect myself from further injury and still keep my job?

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Avoiding injury

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Other then a face mask splint you have a challenge ahead of you. Your bones will be more stable in another 3 weeks so keep alert!

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Blunt trauma to nose after rhinoplasty

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Wearing a nasal spint would help some, but being quicker than your patients would keep you out of trouble!  Good luck!

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There is no question that you are at risk> I have seen this situation cause damage to the nose but, unlikely to the chin. More pressure would be needed

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

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