What should I do first?

1. Had A Tummy Tuck, Now I Have Dog Ears (Not Sagging, Buldge Of Fat) I Want To Have Lipo Of The Ears But I Was Told A Lift (Body Lift) Would Be Better. 2. I Have Sagging Bra Fat In Which I Will Have To Have A Bra Line Lift. 3. I Have Fat Bulge On My Deltoids (Both Arms) Which Make Me Look Wider. If I Went With The Body Lift, My Lower Body Would Be Smaller And The Upper Would Be Bigger, Due To The Bra Fat And Bulging Deltoids What Procdure Should I Have Done First??

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What should I do first

Thank you for your questions. Photos would be very helpful. Since you have had a tummy tuck, the procedure you need is called a posterior belt  lipectomy. This procedure will remove the dog ear and will give you an outer thigh lift and a butt lift. This procedure can easily be performed at the same time as your bra fat lipectomy.  Please consult with board certified plastic surgeons that regularly perform these procedures. Good luck. 

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What to do first

Hello and thank you for your question. Photos would be a big helo. I like to start with the lower body lift and any liposuction needed and the bra line lift as well. Sometimes other procedures may be wanted thereafter. 

Peter Fisher M.D 

Peter Fisher, MD
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Ordering Procedures

It is possible to actually do your procedures together if you desire. An upper body lift often makes the breast and entire chest area look a lot better and more in balance with the rest of your body. 

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