What is wrong with my nose? How much would be considered necessary for ins? Concurrent Lip Lift using only 1 incision? (Photo)

I had Rhinoplasty approximately 10 years ago to refine the tip. No previous sinus prob. A dent on the bridge lt.side and slanted lt. slightly was evident. Nostrils & columella asymmetrical. Developed chronic rhinitis -especially at night when laying down. Crusting in the septal perforation.Worsening over time. Sub-nasal lip lift desired. What could be wrong with my nose? options? Can the incision for the revision be used for a simultaneous lip lift? How much can be med. necessary for ins?

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Cosmetic revision rhinoplasty

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From the photos presented, there are significant issues need to be addressed  by a revision rhinoplasty. It's important to know how much cartilages left on the inside the nose for potential grafting purposes. Ear cartilage may be necessary. The nose can be made straighter ,although not perfect. The hanging columella can be reduced. Choose your revision rhinoplasty surgeon revised based on extensive experience.  Doubtful medical insurance will cover any cosmetic issues.

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