Should I worry about my test results after having two moles removed? I have had the moles for "forever" and I'm 23 years old.

I saw my dermatologist yesterday and showed her two moles. One on my back and one at the bottom of my sternum. I went in because of a slight change in color in the front mole. She said the one on my back would be "better off in a jar" so she removed it, and she said that the color of the one on my front means it is "reacting in some way." What does it mean that my mole is "reacting"??? I feel like I am going to get the phone call of death and I am freaking out. She did not provide much comfort.

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Mole Removed

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Firstly, there is no need to panic as many moles are taken off as a precaution.  The pathology report will be back in a few days and your doctor will advise you at that time.  Until then, just take care of the areas where the moles were removed as instructed by your doctor and try to remain optimistic.  The good news is that the moles are off!  Good luck!

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