6 Weeks post Breast Reduction. Still have pulling, tingling & numbness. Is it possible to have a revision prior to 6 months?

I had a breast reduction six weeks ago but I'm still really large. The weight is pulling on my shoulders and neck and now I'm feeling tingling/ numbness in my fingers on the right side. What can be done?  When is ok to do a breast reduction revision prior to six months?

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Symptoms of Pulling, Tingling and Numbness After Breast Reduction

As it is only six weeks since your surgery, your breasts are still swollen. You are still healing and as such, it is much too early to consider a revision, It will take about six months for you to see the end result of your breast reduction surgery. It is likely that the tension and pulling you are feeling is due to the swelling. However, discuss this with your plastic surgeon as he/she know your case best.

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Breast will continue to get smaller beyond six weeks after breast reduction.

Revision of a breast reduction at this time is a bad idea. They will continue to get smaller and should not be reoperated upon until the inflammatory process is substantially complete.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Breast reduction revision

After breast reduction surgery, the shape of the breasts will change over the first four to six months.  Breasts become softer and the skin less pink during this time.  Usually there's a little more fullness in the upper part of the breasts initially and this fullness is a bit less after a few months.  Because of these changes in shape and appearance, it's best to wait at least six months.  If you undergo surgery before that time, the surgeon will be working with tissues that are still changing.  That makes it harder to obtain the best result possible.  Make sure to go to the appointments they schedule for you and continue to discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  Hopefully after a couple of months you'll have more of the result you were anticipating!

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Very early post-op

Hi.  Please let your concerns be known to your plastic surgeon, but I feel it is far too early to adequately assess your final size.  It is unlikely that your numbness/tingling is due to your large breasts, especially if these symptoms were not present prior to your surgery.  I would recommend wearing very firm compression/crop tops in the short term & reassessing your size at around the 6 month mark.  All the best

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Breast reduction at 6 weeks

At 6 weeks, you are still healing and probably still swollen. I would probably wait about 4-6 months to allow the breasts to settle before considering additional surgery.

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6 Weeks post Breast Reduction. Still have pulling, tingling & numbness. Is it possible to have a revision prior to 6 months?

Relax and don't rush back into surgery. Give yourself 8-10 months and let things heal. RE-assess at that time. Good luck

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I definitely would wait 3 to 6 months. Within that timeframe the tissue should be soft and swelling should have decreased. The re-operation for size reduction size can be accomplished within that timeframe. Good luck

Symptoms following breast reduction.

You need to wait a few months before considering a revision of a breast reduction. You may still have swelling and the appearance of your breasts and symptoms may get better with time.

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Breast reduction revision before 6 month

i think it is still early to consider a revision, you must go to plastic surgeon and discuss with him your concerns and the feeling you are facing in your fingers as he knows best the anesthesia and technique used with surgery . Good luck!

Australia Fragoso-Baez, MD
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Early in recovery period from a breast reduction

Too early to tell if you need a revision.  There will be significant swelling thus tension and pulling at 6 weeks.  Need to give it 6 months to a year before judging the final result.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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