Should I Wait Till After Im Finished Having Children Before I Get a Scarless Breast Lift?

I am a 30F and have had droopy breasts since I was a teenager. I have always wanted a lift but I scar easily. I am excited about the minimal scar breast lift, but have not had any children yet. Do I need to wait till after I'm finished having kids?

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No such thing as a "scarless breast lift"

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Anything calling itself a scarless breast lift is just marketing hype. Especially at F size breasts you would have too much extra skin to consider even a minimal scar procedure. Best to wait till done with kids and visit the most experienced breast plastic surgeons for advice. 

Breast lift

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If you have a lift, and then get pregnant again, you may get sagging again.

I would recommend you do significant research prior to your lift. Talk to more than one Plastic Surgeon, and patients as well. I am skeptical of "minimal scar" techniques for any tightening procedure. The problem is too much skin, and the only way to fix that problem is to remove the skin. If the scar is not long enough, you may be trading length of scar for a less satisfactory shape.

Good luck.

You can have breast lift surgery before children, but you may have to undergo another operation after!

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There is no "scar-less" breast lift, as all of my colleagues have stated, and with 30F breasts, you are probably NOT a candidate for anything but a full Wise-pattern breast lift, especially after pregnancy and breast-feeding. But if you wish, you can certainly undergo breast lift now, and see what happens to your breasts with pregnancy and breast-feeding. More surgery is likely, but waiting until your family is complete prevents you from having the breasts you CAN have when you're young and beautiful. So it's pretty much your choice to make!

Just make sure you see ABPS-certified plastic surgeons who are experienced in breast lifting, not someone who is "marketing" or hyping "scar-less" operations. To properly shape the sagging breast incisions must be made. The artistry of the surgical design and plan, as well as the precision and technical finesse of the surgical closure, are what determine your result (as well as your own genetics, but none of us can alter that aspect of any patient's healing). So choose carefully, and then you can make an informed decision. For one example of a patient of mine that "should have" poor scarring because of skin pigmentation, and underwent a full breast lift with barely-visible scars at 7 weeks post-op, click on the web reference link below. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Scarless Breast Lift

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With size 30F breasts, you may want to wait until you are done having kids before considering a breast lift or breast reduction. However, I don't think there is anything called a "scarless" breast lift (unless you are considering liposuction of the breast).

Should I Wait Till After Im Finished Having Children Before I Get a Scarless Breast Lift?

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You don't have to wait until your family is complete, but if you have pregancies after a lift, you may find yourself needing another--that can be done. It will be your call as to whether you want the improvement now or not. 

One advantage of waiting--who knows, there may actually be a scarless or minimum scar technique in the offing that doesn't yet exist. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

There's no such thing as a "scarless" breast lift

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Anytime the skin is cut, you create a scar. It is the goal of all plastic surgeons that the scars are minimally visible and there are procedures that require shorter incisions in areas that minimize scar visibility. I usually tell my patients that if they're planning to have a child in the next one or two years to wait and have the breast procedure done at a minimum of three months after having a baby. If the patient breast-fed, then I would wait until three months after they stop breast-feeding.

Delay Breast Lift Until Finished Having Children

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The notion of a scarless breast lift does not exist. A minimal scar breast lift produces a minimal lift which is rarely appropriate for most saggy breasts. If your breasts sag now you should wait unless you are finished having children...when the need and the acceptance of a fuller breast lift will be more obvious and perhaps more acceptable.

Breast Lift and Pregnancy

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  It is probably best to finish having children before having the breast lift performed.  However, some patients who want a breast lift may be waiting several years before another child and want better breasts in the interim.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Breast Lifting after Pregnancies?

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Thank you for the question. Yes, if you are contemplating having children in the near future, it will likely be in your best interest to do so prior to undergoing breast surgery.

 Best wishes.

Cosmetic Surgery is an Art and a Science.

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There really isn't a " scarless" breast lift. All surgery will leave a scar on your body. You certainly do not need to wait to have the surgery if you want it performed.Pregnancy and breast feeding will change your breasts. Don't worry about scars at this time. Discuss them with your surgeon. Good luck..Dr Thomas Narsete  Austin, Tx

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