Do these Veneers look fake? Are they too large and perfect relative to my normal teeth? (photos)

I plan to shortly have Da Vinci veneers fitted and beforehand my dentist agreed to place a temporary mould atop of my teeth to see if I like them. Clearly this doesn't quite reflect the final product, but is an indication. I've attached pictures of my current teeth and planned veneers. I'm concerned they look too big relative to my natural teeth and protrude somewhat, giving a fake/stuck on look. Any thoughts? Will this go away with the final product? What can my dentist do to address this?

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They look pretty good.

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You're likely so used to your older (smaller) teeth that such a SUDDEN change to your smile is going to "feel" big.    I see no cosmetic flaws in the design.  More than likely, they'll get more and more comfortable as you continue in the temps.  

Temporary veneers and Mock up

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There is definitely improvement on your smile, but I am not so happy with the shape, and the individuality of each tooth. Your teeth were not aligned prior to your temporaries, so you got an instant orthodontics, which I assume this is what you wanted, but there is limitation to your veneers! 

If your teeth were protruded out there is only a certain amount of space the dentist can retrude them back! Otherwise upon the preparation of your teeth, it can cause nerve damage. I would work on the length, the width, and the proportion of each tooth to the adjacent tooth, then you got yourself a beautiful smile, make sure you get translucency in the color also!

Best of luck

Mock Up Evaluation before moving forward with Veneers

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This "mock up" trial smile is a good communication tool for a patient to get an idea of smile results before having your teeth prepared for veneers.  I assume you did your homework and found an experienced and knowledgeable dentist who does many cases like these.  If the temporary smile feels too bulky (like the teeth are too thick on the front side of the teeth), there are two solutions to solve this.  If the dentist and master ceramist feel they can use extremely thin porcelain (significantly thinner than the temporary material), that may solve the bulkiness.  And if the bulkiness is the only thing you don't like (you like the rest of the mock up smile), then that's a simple solution.  And you get a no-prep minimally invasive procedure as a benefit.  If your dental team can not use super thin porcelain to solve this, then you might need to have your teeth prepared (reshaped/recontoured) minimally in order to fit the porcelain without the bulky result.  Both no-prep and minimal-prep veneers are a good solution for improving your smile.

Bulky veneers

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It all depends on if your dentist placed these on top of your teeth already prepped for final product or just over your natural teeth?  Also in general when I make temporaries they are all attached together, and that make you feel more bulky , as the actual veneers are very thin and individually bonded to your teeth, so they feel and look different than the temps.  your before and after pictures though looks great.  

Temporary Veneers

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I think the improvement from your before photo is very good. Your two front teeth protrude in the before photo. So naturally the temporary veneers will also protrude. The way around this is to have the front teeth prepared, which is what the dentist will typically do prior to the final impression.

This is also a good reason and an example to show why "no prep veneers" do give the best cosmetic result. 

Sylvan Fain, DDS
Miami Dentist

Do veneers look fake #DrSarahThompson #StLouis

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Based on your photos, your veneers do not look bad to me.  The temps look pretty good from my angle.  However, you would know if the veneers seemed bulky because you are the one wearing them.  Typically, my patients do not feel like their veneers are bulky during the temporary stage.  I hope this helps.  Follow me on RealSelf for more questions and answers.

Do these veneers look fake?

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Has your dentist already prepared your teeth and placed these as temporary veneers for you to evaluate?  Or did he place veneers over your unprepared teeth to give you an idea of how veneers would look?  Placing a preview veneer or mockup over your unprepared teeth will definitely add volume and make them appear bulkier.  If your teeth have already been prepared and the temporary veneers feel bulky, then you need to communicate this to your dentist.  He can reshape to some degree, as long as there is enough thickness of material to work with.  If you want them even less bulky, your dentist may need to reprepare your teeth by reducing them a little more to create enough space to build the veneers back to their original volume. Your original teeth were worn, and the new length looks pretty good.  The canines may be a little bulky.  It sometimes takes a little while to get used to additional length, but usually only a week or two.  You should have your dentist hold off having the permanent veneers fabricated until you are completely satisfied with the look and feel of your temporary veneers.  Then make sure he takes photos and an impression of them for the lab to copy.  Providing the lab does their job properly, this is the best way to assure you get the results that you want.

Temporary veneers

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This "look" will not go away with the final product unless you specifically tell your dentist that you want it to.  That is the purpose of these "mocked up" temporary veneers; to evaluate for the final product.  It is obvious that the temporaries are longer than your natural teeth which exhibited a moderate amount of wear; but I think the temps look pretty good; perhaps ask for them just a little (1/2 millimeter) shorter if you are concerned about this.

Often the temporaries WILL look bulkier than the final product, but again, you need to discuss this with the dentist; who should place the permanent veneers on your teeth without bonding them for you to thoroughly evaluate them before the irreversible bonding of the veneers.

Steven M. Goldy DDS

Steven Goldy, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

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