Had vaginoplasty & went home with catheter. Had serious problem. Is it normal to have a catheter after a vaginaplasty? (Photos)

Is i t normal to have a catheter after a vaginaplasty? And past blood clots and blood in your urine? Very concerened!

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Catheter is necessary following an outpatient Vaginoplasty

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It is very common to have a urinary catheter after a gynecologic procedure. Since your vaginoplasty was performed as an outpatient procedure it was necessary to send you home with a catheter so you don't have to worry whether your bladder is emptying completely or not. Typically a vaginal packing is placed and there is moderate discomfort following a vaginoplasty - both of these would inhibit your ability to urinate.The bleeding you had is not uncommon and is NOT a serious problem unless you are having to change a pad every hour. Either way you should contact your surgeon and notify him/her. If a vaginal packing had been placed you would have noticed less. I have my patients remove their vaginal packing the next morning and wait to have their catheters removed till their pain level is 2 or better, on a scale of 0-10. By then almost everybody urinates without difficulty.  Hopefully, once you speak to your surgeon you'll get reassurance.  Best of luck,

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Blood clots in urine after bladder catheterization at vaginoplasty

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Bladder catheters are routinely used after any vaginal operations in which there is a concern that you might not be able to urinate immediately after surgery. Not being able to urinate (complete urinary retention) is a medical emergency. I use catheters routinely after vaginoplasty. If the catheter was too large for you or inserted forcefully, you might see blood in the urine bag or in the toilet after it is removed.

Normal No, Probably OK yes

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Thank you for sharing. Did you have any bladder work done?I have been doing Vaginoplasties for nearly a decade and have never had to catherize someone post vaginoplasty unless bladder work was performed at the same time and even then rare at best.I would certainly make your physician aware of the situation and get evaluated.

Catheter and blood clots after surgery

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Having a catheter after anytime of vaginal surgery is not unusual.  Some patients can urinate on their own and yet others their bladder can shut down and shall we say "hibernate" for a few days.   This is NOT unusual.  The trauma of the catheter or irritation of the catheter can cause urine blood clots. This is NOT of concern.  I am a urological gynecologist and can assure you this is normal with 99% certainty.John R Miklos MD

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