Is this an unachievable expectation? I am very unhappy won my primary rhino and would like to stay optimistic. (photos)

I had a primary rhino that left me with a bulbous, shapeless, deviated nose. I am not happy at all to say the least. I am going to start doing some research and planning a revision surgery and would like my nose to look more like the picture posted. I know each persons anatomy is unique and the nose must fit the face, but this is just an inspiration photo. An ideal outcome for me. Is this achievable with my current shape? Should my expectations be lower? I want to be realistic and optimistic.

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Revision rhinoplasty crooked nose and thick skin

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The wish picture is unobtainable due to the fact that the anatomy is completely different. Thick skin will be a significant impediment to seeing a refined result in the nose. The nose can be narrowed and straightened, and it is important to have realistic expectations  for what can be accomplished.

Is this possible

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The answer is a variation of this thinner more elegant is indeed possible . Of course you must see a doctor specialist in revision

Revision Rhinoplasty

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Based on your photos - it appears that your skin is probably too thick to achieve a very defined nasal tip as you see in your inspiration photo. 
I do think that a more refined nasal tip could be achieved with a revision rhinoplasty. Please make sure that you see a surgeon with experience in secondary rhinoplasty. 
Good Luck!!

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