How much will a tummy tuck cost after having 3 c-sections?

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Cost of tummy tuck

Hi, there.  The total cost of tummy tuck is combination of surgeon's fee, anesthesia fee, and facility fee.  It varies by geographic area, duration or surgery, and surgeon's expertise.  In my area, it ranges from $9000-$12000.  Please select your plastic surgeon carefully.  Visit with a board-certified plastic surgeon to learn about your options.  Best regards.

Tummy Tuck cost


Thank you for your question. In my practice the cost for Tummy Tuck ranges based on whether it is full, mini, or floating and additional areas of liposuction a patient may want to add. Different Plastic Surgeons will have different prices. You can often check standard pricing on the Plastic Surgeon's website, or better yet- book an in-person consultation so that you can discuss your expectations in person and receive an individualised quote. Many of my Tummy Tuck patients have had multiple C-sections.

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Thank you for your question. In short, the price varies from surgeon to surgeon. Please begin your search for a board certified plastic surgeon by focusing primarily on their websites' before and after photos as well as patient reviews. Then, schedule a consultation to be seen in person to determine what would be best for you and how much it would cost.

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Tummy Tuck Cost

Your prior C-sections might make the procedure a bit longer, but in my practice the surgeon's fee would not change.  The facility and anesthesia fees will depend on how long the surgery takes, and this depends on your body size and amount of liposuction you may desire as well.

Facility fees will also vary. A fully equipped hospital with an overnight stay will be more expensive than an office-based procedure without an overnight stay.

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TT cost after multiple abdominal/pelvic operations

Hi Lrlewis80.

I can only speak for my policies.  The cost is not determined based on prior operations.  I have a single price for the surgery.  However, if there are unusual conditions, The office may charge a bit more to cover the anticipated complexity of the procedure.


Tummy tuck costs ~ $6000-8000

Thank you for your question.  The average cost of a tummy tuck will vary by individual and by practice.  Some of the variables include the facility fees, anesthesia fees and the surgical fees which all are based on the time required to complete the surgery.  Certain factors that affect the time include whether or not liposuction is needed and the degree of skin resection required.  I would visit with a couple board certified plastic surgeons in the area to discuss your options.

Tummy tuck cost

Thanks for your inquiry.  Houston is home to a large and excellent group of board certified plastic surgeons.  I suggest you call a few offices and then go have some in person consulatations. The costs you need to know are the surgeon's fee, anesthesia fee, and facility fee.  I know that several surgeons in Houston offer complimantary cosmetic consultations if you mention RealSelf.  Good Luck.

Cost of Tummy Tuck

The cost of a tummy tuck can range from 6500 (mini TT) to 12000 or more (T with full reconstruction).  Depends on the amount of work needed, facility location, surgeon's experience and reputation, geographical area, etc. 
Each procedure is customized to the patients needs. Skin, muscle tightening, previous abdominal surgeries, body shapes are all important factors that are considered.  
Please, do your research on the surgery, then make a consultation with a PS to see if you are a good candidate and discuss your options.

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Dr. Morales
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Rolando Morales Jr, MD
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Tummy tuck cost after having 3 c-sections

Thanks for your question.  The cost of a tummy tuck can vary quite a bit depending on the amount of work needed (mini vs full TT), surgeon's experience and reputation, geographical area, etc.  A ballpark range would be $6500-$8500.

How much will a tummy tuck cost after having 3 c-sections?

Thank you for your questions.  The cost of a tummy tuck is divided amongst three fee centers: anesthesia, facility, and surgeon.  These all will vary based on geography, and I would recommend you see a few physicians to gauge the pricing in your area.  The cost will not be affected, however, by the number of c-sections you have had.  Hope this helps. 

Nelson Castillo, MD
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