How much time after getting a TT and bbl can you take a long drive in the car?

How little me after getting a TT and bbl can you take a long drive in the car?

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How much time after getting a TT and bbl can you take a long drive in the car?


Thank you for your question. After the Tummy Tuck operation the recovery period depends on your physical status, age, general health and condition mainly. The operation itself does not take too long therefore you receive a mild anesthesia. Since the anesthesia that you receive is mild; you will not have problems associated with anesthetic agents after the operation. This is especially important and can be achieved with only a team of plastic surgeons like we have. After the operation you will have stiches and bandages which will be removed after the 10th day. You can start to do your daily activities 3 days after the operation but we do not advise you heavy lifting, running or activities that require excess physical activity. The more you rest, the faster your recovery will be.

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Post-op Instructions

Thanks for your inquiry, but you really need to ask your surgeon his/her thoughts.  In general, I do not like my patients to have a long greater than 2 hour car ride for at least two weeks. You do not want to sit on your butt in a car seat for much longer and also to avoid DVT. Good Luck.  

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Thank you for your question.

It is important to consult with your surgeon about their post-operative instructions, as each surgeon has slightly different post-operative protocols. I recommend to my patients that they do not sit on their bottoms for long periods of time for the first three weeks. The first week I do not recommend any sitting or pressure on the buttocks, days 8-14 the patient may sit up to 5 minutes two times per day.  Days 15-21 the patient may sit up to 9 minutes five times a day only then days 22 and beyond sitting is fine as long as the patient is comfortable. If you must sit for a long time in the car, I definitely do recommend the BBL pillow and getting up every 10-15 minutes to walk around until you are at least three weeks post op. I hope this helps.
Best of luck in your recovery!

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How long after a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift can you take a long drive in a car?

Thank you for your question.  You will hear many differing opinions on this.  Each Plastic Surgeon who performs BBL surgery has very specific postoperative restrictions in terms of when you can sit on your bottom for a long period of time.  These restrictions, as you are probably aware, are to protect that transferred fat and allow it to heal.

If you were my patient and I performed a combination BBL-TT surgery on you, I would tell you to wait at least 4 weeks before you sat on your buttocks for any long period of time (for example, during a long car ride).  You should purchase a BBL pillow and use that for prolonged seating for up to 8 weeks just to be safe.

In terms of the tummy tuck, the sitting position is actually an ideal position for that surgery because we tighten your skin during the surgery with you in a sitting position.  So sitting will not adversely affect your tummy tuck.

Be sure to stop and stretch to keep the blood flowing every few hours.  And be sure to run all of these plans by your board certified Plastic Surgeon before you take your trip!  Best wishes.

Long drive after TT and BBL

From the BBL standpoint, you should probably wait three weeks to avoid pressure on the areas fat was transferred to.  From the TT standpoint it is when you are comfortable with the proviso you stop every two hours and walk around 10-15 minutes, don't sit with your legs crossed and that you pump your ankles/feet up and down about ten times every 15 minutes while in the car, and drink lots of fluids so you go to the bathroom 5-6 times per day to prevent forming blood clots in you legs (DVT-deep venous thrombosis).

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