Is symmastia possible if you are able to flex your muscle all the way down? (Photos)

Can you have symmastia if you are able to flex your muscle down? I had a BA 1 month ago and it looks at lot like symmastia at this point but I can flex all the way down. I posted pics of me pre-BA and directly post, 1 months post op at different angles and one where I can flex. Thoughts?

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Thank you for your question and photos. You do not appear to have synmastia but very tight/close cleavage which your pre op photo demonstrates you had prior to surgery as well.

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Hi and thanks for your question and posted photos. As we only have one preop photo, if we compare it with the same position post op one the shape looks the same but with more volume. Symmastia means both pockets are communicated and you don´t seem to have that problem.
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Is symmastia possible if you are able to flex your muscle all the way down?

Based on the last photo when you're contracting your pectoralis muscles you do not have symmastia.  Your breasts were very close together preop and your postop result looks exactly like your preop as far as your cleavage goes.  However if you're in doubt see her plastic surgeon.

Is synmastia possible?

Thank you for taking the time to ask this question!
Judging from the photos provided it is a possibility that synmastia is forming - you are in the right timeframe. My best advice is to set up a consultation with your plastic surgeon or a board certified plastic surgeon that feels comfortable with his technique and these types of procedures. With an in-person examination a PS will be able to confirm if revision surgery is necessary or not. I linked an article providing great information on how synmastia works.

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Physical exam always best but it does not appear so

Symmastia or a "unibreast" is a postoperative complication of augmentation surgery in which the space surrounding the implants communicates across the midline (sternum).  From your photos, it would appear that your breasts were naturally spaced close together and that the spaces between the implants is separate but your best resource will be for your surgeon to do a follow up exam but I expect you will be fine. 

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