Best way to remove butt implant surgery scars?

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Scars with Buttock implantss

The scars from the buttock augmentation are placed in the intragluteal fold extending 7 centimeters above the coccyx.  The scar is generally well hidden in this location, but it is very difficult to remove scars entirely.  Ideally, the closure of the wound should not be under tension up by using a multilayered suture technique.  This will minimize scar tissue hypertrophy.
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Best way to remove butt implant surgery scars?

Hello Ohhitsivonne -Thanks for your question. There is no way to remove butt implant scarring. You can reduce it by good after surgery care of the scar.  It will fade with time.  If it doesn't there are options such as steroid injections, silicone sheeting, scar creams, microneedling, and laser resurfacing.  Without seeing the scar in question, I can't really give more information.I hope this helps.Dr. Shah

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